Which RAM would you choose?

Hello everyone. I’m just looking for opinions. If you had to choose between 4GB RAM at 1600MT/s or 6GB RAM at 1333MT/s, which would you choose? I ask because I’ve got a 2GB stick slowing down a 4GB stick and I’m undecided on which to choose.

Neither. Replace that 2GB stick with a matching 4GB stick so they run in dual-channel mode.

However, if buying more RAM is not an option right now, it’s up to you whether you prefer more RAM at a slightly slower clock or less RAM at a slightly faster clock. If you don’t game and don’t need that extra 3 FPS, more RAM is always nicer.

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That’s kind of my thought too. Doesn’t look like that much speed difference on paper. Maybe I should run geekbench on both setups to help me decide, but I don’t know if it has any RAM tests.

Yeah, not much difference in CPU performance…

4 gigs at 1600MT/s

6 gigs at 1333MT/s

I will look tomorrow for a more RAM oriented benchmark.

It’s not just the outright speed difference that matters. Avoiding the need for your system to resort to using swap or zswap will probably dwarf any differences between the actual speeds of the modules.

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Very true. RAM speed matters not at all while you’re swapping… Lol.

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if it was in a laptop with a HDD i would just take the 6GB

Thanks for the help, guys. In 2 weeks I’ll order another 4gig stick of 1600. Going with the 6gigs until then.

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