Which package contains `scdaemon`?

This is a pretty core security application, but pamac can’t find it.

Also, posting on the forums seems like a silly way to get this information. Where should I be looking to find this info?

pkgfile scdaemon

pacman -F scdaemon
works as well

I don’t know about pamac syntax.

or: pamac search scdaemon --files


Not silly — this is how users learn and grow, and pass it on.

It would help, in the future, show the exact command(s) or step(s). It is unclear if pamac command line or pamac GUI is being used. It helps to provide a more concise answer and saves time for all.

This is in addition to the above responses. I use pacman, except when I want to explore the AUR, then I use pamac.

On my system, I asked myself, is “scdaemon” installed on my system:

locate scdaemon



Then I asked, who owns the file:

pacman -Qo /usr/lib/gnupg/scdaemon


/usr/lib/gnupg/scdaemon is owned by gnupg 2.2.32-2

If the locate produced no results, or I wanted to skip that step, I would have done:

pacman -F scdaemon

NOTE: pacman -Q applies to what packages are installed. pacman -S applies to all packages in the sync database (all packages in the Manjaro distribution). You might want to visit pacman tips & tricks.

Where is this documented… you could try manjaro’s wiki, SEARCH this forum, search the internet.

For specific documentation, it is all about the man pages. All good linux applications have them, some even have a “–help” option.

For example,

man pacman
man -k pacman  # searches the short help
man scdaemon
man pamac

There are a gazillion places online that host linux man pages. Here’s one at Arch, here’s one at kernel.org.


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