Which of the two do you prefer Flatpak or Snap?

I neither use both of those two. Until now I got every Application I was looking for as up-to-date AUR Package (IntelliJ CE, Spotify and Slack for example).


I prefer snap because it provides more packages which are directly from the upstream developers. But like the people here, I try to keep the flatpak/snap packages to a minimum though!

I also feel safer when using an up-to-date software from upstream developers (snap for Slack for eg) compared to an AUR package by a person who may or may not keep it up to date. That being said, Snapstore is a cluster***k too in it’s own ways!

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Neither for me too; too much bloat, plus there was the malware issue with snaps. Really like appimages; very easy to use, clean, and can choose which version of something eg Krita nightlies (or the recent test appimage Krita asked for feedback on) or a dev version of Gimp. :smiley::+1:t2:

To be fair, there can be (and there was) malware issues with AUR too.

The thing is, it is way easier to verify potential malicious packages with AUR, and easier to verify this without actually installing the package, because AUR only hosts build files and not pre-built packages. And also, AUR doesn’t sit on false (or at least exaggerated) promises of complete security (with stuff like sandboxing), you are even clearly warned that using AUR is at your own risk.


This is why i rather get my software from the AUR instead of Snaps.

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Great to learn more; thanks :slight_smile: :+1:t2:

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Well I really prefer Flatpak : when you can compare, it’s faster and uses less process.
You can’t use it on a server though

Snap shows several issues apart being heavier, the main ones is the way it’s “pushed” on Ubuntu since 18.04 : users load snaps not knowing it, even for environment or system packages (and they don’t do the job).

It’s the Canonical oddity to me : great business, but totally fails when managing BtoC innovation ,just like mir or unity…

Anyhow, I use these packaging tools (as well as AppImage) for non open source soft like skype.

  • Aur Skype takes forever to compile or update, you never know which of the packages to choose, sometimes compilation fails.
  • Snap Skype is heavy and bloated
  • Flatpak Skype is efficient.

And… I’m happy to have Skype be containerised !

At this stage, I would not use Flatpak, Snap or AppImage for “native open source” like LibreOffice or Gimp for instance.

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After two weeks of building some super complicated packages with OpenCV, CUDA, Tensorflow, etc. I ran into a problem where my target machine (actually the kernel itself) doesn’t support Squashfs so I was able to pack and wasn’t able to install that snap.


  1. Easy commandline usage (snap status/find/ install/remove/list)
  2. Gets updated automatically
  3. Have a biggest software choice out of those two.
  4. Are better integrated with Plasma (apps get global menus, unlike in flathub), so it feels like a normal native app, while flatpack feels more like windows installs (each app to its own, have separate, different options from native packages, etc.).
  5. Take less space.
  6. Uninstalling app doesn’t require extra action to uninstall its runtime (as it is on flatpacks which have HUGE runtimes).
  7. Snaps are possible to install and use on a server.
  8. Have various versions of a software so you can choose stable but also development builds.

In overall, snaps beat flatpacks so strongly that’s not even funny. There was a time when those two were undecided but at the moment snaps are leading.

If someone wants to app store for snaps, install discover-snap from AUR. Default Arch Discover isn’t compiled with snaps, which it could have, but Arch maintainers aren’t doing it so far (is it conscious decision or they simply don’t have snaps on their systems?). However, I find snap commandline to be more comfortable and quicker to use, which is strange because normally I prefer GUI as a rule of thumb.

Initially I thought that I would prefer flatpacks but when I tried it, I hated it (no integration with Plasma, bloated, complicated, less choice, flatpack repo have very beta feel, meaning flatpacks are not a mature option yet). Snaps are a good alternative if somehow AUR version is not wanting to install or lacks of newest version (do happens sometimes). Otherwise native packages are preferred.

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And don’t forget snaps come with Malware to add to the fun :+1:

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Never forget.


(Although I agree that it is way easier to spot malicious behaviors with AUR than Snap, and spot them before (building+)installing the package, and that AUR doesn’t pretend to be secure to begin with.)

My choice order
1 repo
2 aur or building from source
3 flatpak
4 appimage
5 snap
unless no other choice I usually avoid snap

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Forget the crap on Reddit its a FUD spreading site nothing less nothing more used mainly by Windows users and problem children.

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So because something was posted on reddit it should just be ignored?
That seems rational…
(nevermind that the thing actually happened … and was posted about elsewhere)
Considering a huge amount of things on the interwebs end up on reddit in one way or another … it sure seems like you will have to forget a whole lot of stuff… I suppose brexit and world war 2 are just FUD from windoze babies or whatever too ? :roll_eyes:

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My my we are touchy must be a fanboy Lol. but seriously the so called malware was not even Malware I should think just a Manjaro user with a axe to grind after being told “Manjaro is not Arch”.
I do recall his nick being c#c# o my god it was you Lol. not really you just playing :japanese_ogre:
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I’ll agree with you there … with very few exceptions every war is a rich mans war that the rest of us suffer.
And, as you eluded to, the propagandists of whatever side will always mythologize it and obfuscate the reality.
I always liked the napolean quote:

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This is my position as well. I only use appimages, snap, flatpaks, etc when there is compelling reason to do so. For me, this is only a couple of applications that I use appimages for.

I agree with pretty much all of this. I think the choice is somewhat distro specific but on arch/manjaro I would pretty much always choose snaps if I had to choose between the two.

That being said, if you use a lot of them, flatpaks do have some advantages. The heavy runtimes are less problematic when they are shared across a large number of applications. Also, delta updates makes them fairly bandwidth efficient in the long run. In general, I think flatpaks are much more interesting when you build an OS around them such as fedora SB or EndlessOS but they are a poor supplement to the already highly diverse application ecosystem available to Manjaro users.

That being said, my preference is appimages if they are provided by the developer.

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I’d been studiously avoiding this thread coz i studiously avoid both things the thread is about. However i had a late night last night, & it’s now the following night of a long day, & so my aged eyes have gone fuzzy & bleary; everything now looks blurry. When i saw this thread again in the list tonight, i misread it & thought it asked if i prefer flathead or snapper. My first thought then was; prawns.