Which Nvidia driver should we ship with Mikah release?

We got a lot of reports regarding 450xx series and also Virtualbox being funky with Kernel 5.8 series on proprietary drivers.

  • use 440xx series as we had in 20.0
  • use 450xx series as in 20.1-rc5

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Using the mesa-drivers seem to work with Virtualbox just fine …


5.8 give me problems with the Gigabyte AURUS ACPI firmware - no USB 3 available - but not with Nvidia.

Had no issues at all with 450 drivers and only issue with kernel 5.8 is lack of vmware support but that will be fixed on next release of vmware

We can’t ship with 5.7 as that would be EOL. We might do additional release with 5.4 LTS if that is fancy for some of you. Maybe in minimal only …

Agree it should ship with 5.8, the problem with shipping with nvidia 440 drivers is the forum may get spammed with posts on how to update to 450. I don’t which will clutter the forum most that or issues with virtualbox (all though it doesn’t seem to be everyone?)

Hi philm,

I tried the 20.1-rc5 of Manjaro kde version who have the 450xx series and the 5.8.x kernel on a desktop hardware (Gigabyte motherboard, Intel i5, SSD, Nvidia GTX card, …). I didn’t encounter any problems.

Using the 450 driver since some weeks now and since it’s first release also the 5.8 kernel.
No problems. Even VirtualBox works just fine.
So I see no problem shipping kernel 5.8 with the 450 driver.

Also, even if it has bugs for some users, the 440 driver has other problems like missing features and broken cuda and hardware video encoder.
Guess 450 is the best option

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I have issues with VirtualBox and Nvidia 450 on 5.8 using Quadro P2000.

The only way of getting a stable system was to pull the Nvidia card and use Intel.

version 5.8.6 came with a lot of patch in all drm