Which kernel is being groomed for the next LTS?

Curious about which kernel is being groomed fo the next LTS kernel…figured I would find this in the wiki but the wiki as of this posting-11-29-2020 @00:24GMT appears to be carked up and isnt working. I think I read somewhere it was 5.10 but am not sure of this.


Why would manjaro be deciding what kernel is LTS? Thats not up to us.


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Yes, 5.10 will be the next LTS.

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Hi CSCS & Aragon

I did not say Manjaro would be deciding. I know thats not the case. Also when I am curious about things Manjaro I look at the wiki first.

Many thanks to you both for the interest

Also wiki is now fixed :smiley:

…hmm … maybe we could beef up a kernel section …


Or maybe I dont need to post on or contribute to the Manjaro forum any longer. Problem solved.

Did something fantastical happen in the last 24 hours?