Which is best for me?

Hello, I would like to know between manjaro kde and gnome, which is lighter. And also which one will be better with my Intel Celeron n2840 (4giga of ram)

Actually, both are pretty light these days, compared how they were heavy in the past.

Both could suit your machine in my opinion, you can test each from a live environment with an USB key.

At the end, it’s your preferences.

My first Linux days, I discovered Budgie and Cinnamon. I switched to KDE some months later. Now Gnome is my main DE.

You have to try first, and pick your favorite.

By the way, my laptop is 10 years old, and both are running fine on it.


I am running 2* XFCE on two low-end computer.
KDE needs computing power.

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Both, Gnome and KDE will use up 4GB really fast by just using a browser. If it should be just a Laptop for browsing the web or watching movies, you should be good to go.

I myself tend to use DWM on such Laptops, but it is just Window Manager and not a Desktop Environment, so you need more knowledge about Linux in general then.


By the way for more details. I started with xfce then tried gnome and ended up with kde. Just recently I learned that gnome and kde are using less resources than before. Now I am using kde and the update behind it was difficult and that is why I would like to reinstall manjaro. And possibly the change of DE cannot be ruled out if I find that gnome is doing better than kde so far, so why not? My needs are simple: surfing the internet with a maximum of 5 tabs open at the same time, reading multimedia content except games is not my thing. I do from time to time text with libreoffice, videos with kdenlive and also audio with audacity … but what I do most is copy files from or to my usb devices so just for that I will choose the best in terms of copy and paste!

Hi there. It depends on your needs. I would certainly throw Xfce into the mix. I like it coz it’s super light & does everything I need. More power to you meantime, R


Only you can answer that question. Do research, experiment and make your own decision.