Which graphics card is used?

Hi. I have a question . Is there any way to keep track of which graphics card my Hp laptop uses.
I have Intel and Nvidia. Know that the computer will take care of this itself, depending on what it is working on.
Ideally, a simple tool that displays this graphically would be appreciated.
Is a beginner with Linux

If you have the nvidia hybrid drivers installed then your laptop will use Intel by default. It will only run programs on the nvidia card if you use the prime-run command

How do I use prime-run command? as I said I have been using Linux for about 3 weeks and can not do much yet :slight_smile:
Is there a graphical tool you can use?

There’s optimus manager and optimus switch which will let you switch to nvidia card manually. If you are gaming then by far the easiest option is to use lutris to launch all games and select the prime render offload option which will run the games on the nvidia card.

To launch something like blender you would just type prime-run blender in the terminal. I’ll link you a few tutorials when I get to a pc

It sounds good. :grinning: If I want to use my Navida card all the time, how do I do this?