Which graphic driver should i install?

so you have only nvidia graphic, so remove this:
sudo mhwd -r pci video-linux
you have there a dumped core from github.davidmhewitt, so remove the programs:
torrential and clipped
disconnect the second monitor that you mentioned…
then reboot and see if you see the grub menu…

Error: config 'torrential' is not installed!
Error: config 'clipped' is not installed!

How can i remove it ? The torrential is torrent program i thought i deleted that one and i prefer to use Ktorrent and deleted torrential from Add/Remove Software but appears it didnt. And cant delete now ? I dont know what is clipped.

I unplugged the second monitor. And my GeForce GTX 1050Ti graphic which is Nvidia not deleted right ? I did mistake at first and installed video-linux but didnt install. I want to use my existing original graphic card. Video-linux is vm card ?

you have there dumped core from torrential…
post output from:
pacman -Qs torrential

Nothing appears

so disconnect the second monitor
uninstall video linux:
sudo mhwd -r pci video-linux

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Dude you rule! Im not sayin u are good at this, u are freaking awesome! In the boot section i have 2 windows and both working and also have manjaro. That is working too. In the hardware video-linux video-modesetting, video-mesa all checked in open-source and video-nvidia is checked in Installed, my Network Controller checked in open-source network-r8168 it says Ethernet from Realtek.

So am i all good ? But didnt able to remove clipped.

you should be now good if the grub menu finally appears …
did you have clipped installed? the dumped core points only to the torrential package…
you had installed video-linux for only nvidia hardware, and thats not good …
so for testing purposes reconnect the second monitor, reboot and see if the grub menu is still shown, so that we can say that it was because of video-linux

515 is the latest that I see on mine but you should be fine with the 470 version

I dont know, it maybe installed from dependencies or somewhere else. What is clipped ? In some torrents im facing with that problem and its not starting torrent (but not all torrents): It was dhm issue i guess. It says You are trying to use the dhm services which is not enable and i cant get enable.


ATTENTION! No OpenCL-compatible, HIP-compatible or CUDA-compatible platform found.

You are probably missing the OpenCL, CUDA or HIP runtime installation.

* AMD GPUs on Linux require this driver:
  "AMD ROCm" (4.5 or later)
* Intel CPUs require this runtime:
  "OpenCL Runtime for Intel Core and Intel Xeon Processors" (16.1.1 or later)
* NVIDIA GPUs require this runtime and/or driver (both):
  "NVIDIA Driver" (440.64 or later)
  "CUDA Toolkit" (9.0 or later)

This is another problem for when i try to use some python3 program (just 1 one of it the other .py files just fine) And for that i might try to install OpenCL or CUDA or HIP not sure.

Video-linux is not installed. Video-Nvidia is installed. And why is that not good ? And how to fix ?

And well, my second monitor has no electric power, it never connected to electric. But it was plugged on my pc. And it was the trouble, i experienced some. But i will give a try with plug on pc like allways.

clipped is some clipboard package, but dont focus on it… you have some torrent issue probably from not correctly removed torrential…
and you want run cuda or what exactly ?
the video-linux drivers are open source and provide open source drivers for nvidia called nouveau and these drivers are trash … thats why you shoul have installed only video-nvidia since you have only nvidia gpu …

I can delete clipped nothing useful for me. Yeah it may. And i just reboot again, yeap its about second screen problem. And in the display settings that is enabled and primary second is not even enabled.
I did try to install cuda or other for the problem come out with that solution suggest for about not starting some python project.
Oh that one yeah totaly, thats why im not using VM and using dual boot. And how i can delete them ? Anyways i can see my graphic card, and installed nvidia-drivers at the top like you said. The others not installed i guess. Let me share a picture of it.

so with the second screen connected you didnt see the grub menu?
if you have the clipped installed, then remove it …
you have now installed only video-nvidia as is shown in the picture, check the vertical column where is installed on the top, the checkmark is only on nvidia… the 3 other video checkmarks are on the open-source column but you dont have any of them installed, only the nvidia is installed…
you can install this:
then reboot and test the python thing

No unfortunetly
How im gonna remove clipped ? I tried some codes but didnt work.
Yeah the other drivers just come by like this. I can only install with right click on that, cant delete. Should i do smt with them ?
You are not talking about show all check in the bottom right ? With column thing, sorry its not my main language :slight_smile:
I installed them and will try, it should do anyways.
And what about torrential package ? I can use other torrent or we can fix it.

i see, so the second screen is the issue …

check if you have them installed first:
pacman -Qs torrential
pacman -Qs clipped
if it returns nothing, they are not installed

no dont do anything with the video drivers, you have installed the correct nvidia drivers, and thats all you need for your system, so dont mess with them, its done …

Yeah it return nothing. Is it ok than ? I can use double screen with unplugging at the boot (if i need to change OS) and plug it again. Or i can try host + p with the second screen thing. The boot may come in the other screen. And also i can try enabling second one in the settings. When pc came up i can turn it off again.

yes its ok…
why do you want to connect again the second monitor if you dont use it…
now you know that the issue was the second monitor so you can experiment…

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