Which file system for the timeshift partition?

The following situation:
I have to reinstall Manjaro Xfce on a customer’s machine (reason: he wants it that way …). What did I find? /root partition (ext4) on SSD, /home partition (ext4) on HDD, 50 GiB partition for the snapshots of Timeshift (xfs) on HDD. The customer has been convinced by whoever of the benefits of btrfs in conjunction with Timeshift. Now my question: Can I leave the partition for timeshift on xfs or the must have the also btrfs?

Hi @anon55802073 :wink:

You can leave it there, but you will have to use timeshift with rsync again.

The benefit of having an btrfs filesystem and timeshift are the snapshots which are made by btrfs. If you really consider to switch to btrfs, then rsync backups on a second HDD make no sense to me since timeshift is designed for system recovery, not all data…

PS: BTRFS snapshots have to be stored on the same drive/partition.

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That helps me, thx

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