Which ePub reader do you use, and why?

I’m using Bookworm, which I love aesthetically, but I don’t like that I can’t use “hjkl” to navigate it.

I’ve heard of Caliber, but it seems pretty bloated. I have yet to try it.

Which ePub reader do you use, if any, and which feature is your favourite?

Calibre is actually pretty good, worth a try.

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Zathura: fast, lightweight, easy, vim-like key bindings.


I’ve just downloaded it, and it looks slick and minimalistic
However, it seems like it doesn’t work with .mobi files :confused:

It may be just me though, that doesn’t know how to use it

For the best formatted, and beautiful ebook pages, I use TEA eBook.

Unfortunately, there is no AUR package, but you can click on the link above and select, “TEA Ebook pour d’autres plateformes” link and you will get all the download options, select the Linux Appimage of choice and put the single app file somewhere on your computer, make it executable, and run it.

Second choice, the awesome Calibre and its ebook reader. It can convert ebook formats, which is awesome, and it is a database mgr.

Wait, you can do that?
I’m going to try it right away!

Yeah, I’ve just tried it, and it seems like a versatile and powerful tool. It even has the “hjkl” key-bindings!

Ok, I’ve just tied TEA-Ebook. It looks pretty, but it doesn’t read .mobi files :frowning:

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You are probably not going to find an ebook reader that will read .mobi files. You have to use Calibre and convert the file to epub format.

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What’s the difference between ePub and mobi?

I think mobi is either Microsoft’s format or Amazon’s, can’t remember, but fortunately it translates well into epub, which is your goal for readers in linux.

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Hmm, ok, gotta convert a lot of files then…
If only Calibre would open directly on the book I wanted him too… ;-;

In Calibre, you can covert ‘bulk’/multiple files at once.

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No, I mean, I would like it to open up directly to the book I wanted to, and with my preferences (No controls Ctrl+F11, flow mode).
However, if you run calibre -h, it doesn’t show anywhere such an option.

I’m lookig at the menus, trying to see if it can be done from the commandline

Not sure what you are mean. Calibre is not really a epub reader. It is a database manager with tools. It offers up an external epub reader though if you click on the book to read it, but it is not a native/internal option.

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What I want to do is be able to open one specific book, without Calibre’s options and in flow mode, with a shorcut I write in my “.config/i3/config”. Or at least something close to that.
Then I would be able to save the layout and open it with one command, so I can have my workspace ready with the tools I need as fast as posible.

Is it possible to use only calibre’s reader in such a way?

Not sure. I have never played around with config files.

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Well, thanks anyway. And sorry for getting off-topic :sweat_smile:

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calibre For me :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I too think I will stay with Calibre for a while.
It was good knowing you Bookworm!

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i use calibre and it reads mobi

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Yes, Calibre does, but most of the other standalone ereaders for linux do not, which was the original topic of this thread.

And once again, Calibre is not an ereader, it is a ebook database mgr. It has an add-on ereader that it utilizes, which you can also use outside of Calibre.

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Which, by the way, you can use by typing the command ebook-viewer, as I was told by a user over at reddit.

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