Which desktop set up is better?



i know some of you may not like my setup, which is fine, but out of the two which is better? thanks
setup 1

setup 2

credits to muser for the setup 2 wallpaper![poll type=regular public=true]

  • set up 1
  • setup 2


Like the 1st better as frames icons and I like Nature & Trees! :relieved:
Personally move the top single icons down to other single icon so it’s a 3-2-1 even stack.
But that’s just personal preference on my part making more space for wallpaper less visual clutter.


The only difference I can see is the wallpaper, or do I miss something? :slight_smile:


yup only wall paper, there both really good i can’t pick! sorry


The only thing you need to do for making it look better is to match the font color with the wallpapers color


So a darker tone of red?


Actually I also like the first one a little more :stuck_out_tongue:
If you have Gimp, you can use its color picker to get the code of the red from the wallpaper then you can set it as the font colour.
I can also make you a red circle whiskermenu icon if you want (just give me the code of the red you want it in).


yes please #FF0000 ! also yeah, kinda a big fan of you, i’m suprised you don’t work in the manjaro team yet you make great art and wall papers, i don’t really know how to change the font color, i used the theme config gtk thingy :confused:


Here it is.

I’m not familiar with that theme config thing, but when you select the colour, isn’t there an option to set a custom colour, where then you can enter the colour code?


oh yeah, oh i see where this is going, gotcha let me find a good color and update you on how it looks


i like the whisker menu icon, but i don’t like the idea of the red in the background and changing that to my red text


yeah, I made another icon in the colour picked from your wallpaper and it looks more brown than red, so probably the font would look brownish too if you changed it to match the background colour


is this good? or should i change it back


Ultimately it’s up to you. The one you like more.
Meanwhile I made another one (a circle around it makes it look rounder in a small size)


Isn’t it xfce? I see you have 2 workspace’s put each of them on separate workspace :slight_smile: you will have both :wink:


What I do is using the Variety app with Unsplash as the only source of wallpapers.


What colour socks should I wear? What colour do you like the most?

I like your creativity, and both designs are equally…red. I like what you’ve done with the icons as well.
No point giving my opinion as to which is better, as better is rather subjective. Make your own decision and like more what you like rather than what others like.