Which Desktop Environment to install

Hey Everyone,

I am new to Manjaro Linux. I do see different desktop environments for manjaro.
Can you suggest which desktop edition is good for customization ?

Hello. The most customisable should be Kde Plasma. You have also Cinnamon. But feel free to try also Gnome or Xfce.

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Thanks Falav for the suggestions :slight_smile:

Like @Falav said kde gives you the most customisation but can be a little overwhelming so many options. Cinnamon is really nice with lots of customisation and maybe a little easier to get used to if you are coming from Windows. Try a couple in vm or live usb see what you prefer

kde. maybe gnome too. all of DE have good customization

Depends on your Hardware Config and what you like :smiley:
I prefer XFCE or Cinnamon

KDE Plasma

Oh boy, yet another “Which DE should I use” thread.
The download page already gives a good explanation of the different environments (at least for the main ones):



To quote @jonathon:

Not again.



Not again.