Which Desktop Environment is the best?



Oh dear.


Take some time.
Install VirtualBox on your old environment and try them all out for a while.
Do your daily work and see how well everything goes by the hand.


no one answered the question
let me tell you the answer
its kde


Black Forrest Cake.


Now this is war!
Infidel, blasphemous!!





Not kosher, halal or sattvic!!



I feel sorry for you - this is the cake, made from

  • flour
  • water
  • sugar
  • egg
  • vanilla
  • marzipan (almonds)
  • raisins

And it is delicious - a :denmark: speciality


go slow, minimal, dont stress too much
i3 ,xfce, even Gnome, only you will know for sure, and best way is to have installed on hardware, VM is not always the best for testing


:open_mouth: what is it called ? officially


It has two names depending on the form it has.

The long one in the picture is called smørstang and when it is created in circle it’s name is dagmartærte.


i see your cake and raise you … Koliva

@bogdancovaciu feel free to step in and have your say, which is better ?


Looks like a bovine anus cake … :scream:


Say what :rofl: - you are comparing that delicious cake with a cattle’s …?


Did you forget cinnamon? Every time I buy something in a danish bakery it tastes of cinnamon. Not always the bread, but sometimes even that too.


No - not this one. I even consider the raisins as expendable.


Just describing what it looks like, based on your image anyway.



That looks like it would be mandatory to be consumed with mass quantities of aquavit. :clinking_glasses:


I enjoy all food even tho i’m not a gourmand. Koliva is good, and since i will not eat it at my funeral, i’ll eat it each time i get the chance :rofl: whatever follows @fhdk recipe, or the slightly different traditionally romanian one.
Don’t mess with @gohlip tho - he will lure you into believing that only cheesecake matters, then he will stole it from you and make you hack your boot loader :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:


Maybe - never tried :slight_smile: but aquavit - a danish 40% alc. made from potatoes - it wash every bit of common sense from your brain - I very rarely touch it, because it’s pure poison and you if you do mass quantities you go completely brain dead nuts.

The classic one snaps is made with black cummin to compensate for the ugly taste - making it even worse IMO.