Which browser is the most secure and silent one?


Exactly reversed! Chromium is an open-source browser for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android, which is not intended for end users, but only for developers. There is no installer, only the source code and semi-official builds.
Chromium is mostly made of Chromium (with the exception of the iOS version), but it adds some of its components - in particular an auto-updater, audio and video codecs, plugins for Flash and DRM protected content, and Google logos , Chrome itself is not open source.

Chromium was started in 2008 by Google, whose employees still contribute most of the code and control the project. But not everything comes from Google: So far, almost 50 companies and 1000 individual developers were involved. Among the most notable contributors are Opera, Vivaldi, Yandex, BlackBerry, Facebook, Spotify, Akamai, ARM, HP, IBM, LG, Nvidia - and even Mozilla. Of the individually listed developers many Samsung, Amazon and Intel can be assigned.

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lets just make a note that there are many Chromium based alternatives to Chrome.



im having trouble seeing the difference here? maybe language barrier?

bit over simplified, but still true

chromium=open source
chrome=not open source, but built on the same code as chromium with added crap/data collection.



OK. Would be a story without end. Chromium is now part of most browsers because of the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF).



that’s because the Team Lead of Vivaldi is one of the former Opera chief developers who did not liked being owned by a Chinese company and left.

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also he did not liked the switch from Presto engine to Blink engine, now Vivaldi is also based on Blink and Presto is dicontinued. and not only the team leader, about half the team moved to Vivaldi. :wink:

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I did follow the Firefox Hardening Guide 2018, but now I can’t read any content from https://jyllands-posten.dk/. I can call the page itself, but when I like to read an article I only get a black bold moving around. How can I analyse what the issue is?



did following the hardening guide involve refusing cookies?

expect as is EU based site may be blanking site until you accept the cookie




to see “where” you are, visit: https://panopticlick.eff.org/

After that, you have a few options. I recommend that you use Tails for staying under the radar. But remember that our computers are unique, meaning, an IP address is no longer needed to track you because the web browser “is” a giant cookie.

If you want to learn more about tracking, then install etherape from the repository.
It will blow your mind. 1000’s of trackers accompany you on your every move in cyberspace. Enjoy the journey. :slight_smile:



also if you use firefox, you can always make another profile, and delete the old one, but this will reset your settings, add-on and possibly bookmarks too.

go to - about:profiles - in your address bar, there you can create a new profile



Brave is very secure aswell. It bocks ads and trackers with built in features and it is based on chromium.

You can install it using yaourt -S brave



use gnu icecat its most secure
note:you cant surf proprietary JavaScript
even manjaro forum looks weird



That’s because of the LibreJS extension.

There has been a discussion about Brave here, and it wasn’t very positive to Brave…



although i do like the idea of contributing donation to sites, theres been some debate over brave due to the need of --no-sandbox to run it and the security flaws is presents. there are a couple threads here on the forum about it.

i think yaourt is depricated/no longer maintained. yay is a good alternative
sudo pacman -S yay



Yes, I installed Brave from Manjaro’s package sources.



And Jon is the former ceo of opera :wink:



As per every time this comes up:

  • Use any browser you like for your limited set of trusted sites (e.g. banking).
  • Use Tor Browser for searching and general browsing.




Brave is in the Manjaro repo now. You can just use sudo pacman -S brave to install it.



How about:
Librefox is an open source project designed to provide anyone with a copy of the Firefox browser that comes with privacy and security enhancements included. Librefox is not a fork of Firefox but uses core Firefox.

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