Which browser is the most secure and silent one?


Hi Guys, do have a question around Browsers. I know there are couple of them in the marked. But which one is the most solid and most secure and silent one?

Like to hear your statement around that topic, and yes I know there are many for sure.



A lot of the browsers are close to the same.
Use of ublock origin ( or a good adblocker ) HTTPS Everywhere is a good start.
Browsers are only as secure as the idiot behind the keyboard.


I feel like this is a loaded question. First I’m not sure what you mean by “silent” but as for secure, I would say choose one of the mainline ones, NOT a fork. So I guess I would say firefox, chrome, or chromium are the big popular ones with the most development and likely the most secure (from others).

I say from others because it appears they love to “leak” information back to their parent company.

The various firefox forks might not leak the information back to the parent company, however they tend to be behind on the security updates…so pick your poison.


This is a huge topic. I think Chromium and Firefox are the most mainstream secure browser choices, but then again, it depends on the user. As mentioned above, there are forks, such as the Brave browser that is built with security out of the box, but may be limited in some features as it is relatively new.

My preferred way of staying secure is to use a VPN + Firefox + Mailfence (email/contacts/calendar), no google/Facebook/Microsoft or any other spying corporate entity and their apps/etc. That should keep you pretty anonymous and secure for the web.

You mentioned “silent” so I assume you are talking about decentralized, darkweb, etc. You can check out Freenet, Tor Browser, i2P.


using no browser is most secure and silent :stuck_out_tongue:

apart from that, it always depends on how you configure it and which sites you browse on.

My personal browser on all machines and devices is Firefox because it tends to be more secure than Chromium/chrome.
the only Addon I use is ublock origin, because every addon is a possible security risk in itself.


Actually I use Chrome but I feel they maybe do spy a lot. Agree that the user behind is a huge influencer around the security (phishing). I know that Firefox is the standard inside Manjaro, maybe I should try out how good that one fits into my daily work.



Out of curiosity, what is a “silent” browser?

If you like chrome but want something more privacy focused, ungoogled-chromium is in the AUR. I would warn you that it takes a little bit to build unless you have a very fast machine.


i’m wondering the same :thinking:
maybe video/audio doesnt work ootb? go with chrome/chromium then :smirk:


what do you guys think about qutebrowser in its current state?
am i risking my life in the internets


Chrome is very silent for me … cos I’ll never use it!

No browser is totally secure or silent, especially Chrome which is specfically built for data collection, but my advice would be to use Firefox and do a lot of reading up on how to harden Firefox through addons and settings.

One of many such guides.

Also ghacks user.js is very useful.


The ghacks user.js is awesome, but for some users it’s way too restrictive.
From time to time, I pull the most useful settings out of it and use them in a custom user.js.

I think it’s difficult to say which browser is the most secure in absolute terms, but Firefox can be tuned and hardened quite easily. The defaults are not very good in terms of privacy.


Yeah, they are terrible by default. Scary to think some people install Firefox
and just use it as is.

ghacks user.js is a great starting point, better to be more restrictive than less by default IMO … although my custom user.js is “harder” :slight_smile: .


the browser battle is lost. there is only firefox & chromium, with the clones that run on the same engine, or safari and edge/ie for other operating systems only.

the war is now fought with add-ons, and secure connections,

have you tried Vivaldi ?

i also recomend NoScript add-on, but be careful on settings, it will break most websites.
uBlock Origin add-on too


I am not entirely sure Vivaldi is 100% open source, so that makes it sketchy in my book. Per their website, “Vivaldi also contains third party code.”


sure, but its based on the Blink engine (as Chromium/Chrome) but wants to be the original Opera succesor. with add-on and improvements, with a cool UI


Depends always on the settings and the user. Browser of course always up to date. Use mostly Brave, Opera and Cliqz (AUR). Sometimes it has to be Chromium too. Chromium is not Google Chrome. :wink:


I believe the proprietary Vivaldi code is related to appearance. The rest is available (https://vivaldi.com/source/). The Vivaldi snapshot does update frequently (usually at least once a week, not counting holidays), so there can be some breakage, but it’s usually pretty good. They do have a stable branch that updates more like Firefox or Chrome, every 6-8 weeks.

I do like Brave as well, though it’s still in beta. It does have a built-in Tor tab, which can be nice.


quick question, who owns the Opera Browser?? and who develops Chromium ?


some chinese company bought it recently so thats a no-go if privacy is what your aiming for.

chromium is the open source version of chrome(google)

im a long time fan of firefox, not so much recently. ive been using vivaldi with ublock origin,webrtc block,decentraleyes plugins


According to Wikipedia:

Golden Brick Capital Private Equity Fund I Limited Partnership (a consortium of Chinese investors led by Beijing Kunlun Tech Co and Qihoo 360)

I don’t see much appeal in Opera these days. It is just another Chromium-based browser and there are better Chromium-based browsers, at least for my needs.

Primarily Google