Which Audio Codec for Listening Vocal Sounds

Yesterday I made search for audio codecs especially for open source codecs and containers. I found that best for vocal sounds is Opus for podcasts and recordings. And I converted some podcasts (mp3 and ogg files) to opus. I realized that opus gives more understandable sound than others (maybe this is just placebo effect on me :slight_smile: )
My question is
1- What is your experiences about audio codecs for vocal sounds?
2- Do you thing opus really give more superior results than other codecs?
3- Converting mp3, ogg.. to opus really change the quality sound or making just some tweaks (change to bitrate etc...) on audio file give same results?
4- Which is the proper way (program, settings etc.) to convert audio files to opus?
Thanks for your replies...

You will always loose quality if you are re-encoding an already lossy encoded format. Leave old files as they are and only use your new favourite codec on new recordings.


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