Which are the best file managers?

Can anyone share a list of some best file managers for Linux. I checked this guide but I want to explore more.

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You can start here Category:File managers - ArchWiki
And you can easily find more here 30 Best File Managers for Linux Systems

I have always found the file manager of a particular desktop adequate (KDE = dolphin, XFCE = Thunar, etc), but I’m more of a command line user.

There’s a website that provides alternatives. I selected the alternative to dolphin and got this list.

Doing an Internet search for “file manager” review linux will produce a nice list of articles. I tend to favor opensource.com.

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One of my favourites:


“The best” is subjective. It also depends on your Desktop Environment. Some integrate better than others. There are plenty of tech blogs out there with lists like these.

This is a support forum, not Reddit. There are plenty of “What is the best…?” posts there to browse.