Which app could monitor the file change (modification) event?

Recently somehow I got duplicate of #IgnorePkg line in the /etc/pacman.conf":

#IgnorePkg   =
#IgnorePkg   =
#IgnoreGroup =

But after Manjaro installation that was a clean file with no duplicates:

Architecture = auto

#IgnorePkg   =
#IgnoreGroup =

Also I see that the current version is also clean.

But today I realized that my file contains that duplicate. Probably some package installation or removal procedure adds this line. The app list got huge changes since installation, so I can’t realize which one of them (if it actually was by a changed app, not by the other ones):

$ cat /var/log/pacman.log | grep -iE "installed|upgraded|removed" | wc -l

If I will got the app name that does the change, I can report it as having the issue.

Which app can monitor a file modification action (for example based on modification date) and report it (local machine alert / notification / etc.)?

Arch/Manjaro package is called inotify-tools.

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After the package installation currently I did this in a terminal emulator:

$ cd ~
echo "inotifywait @ /etc/pacman.conf -me modify | while read msg; do (notify-send -u critical -t 0 \"File updated:\$msg\"&) done & " > pacman.conf_midification_watcher.sh
bash pacman.conf_midification_watcher.sh

Added pacman.conf_midification_watcher.sh execution (as login script)
or via
bash pacman.conf_midification_watcher.sh (as CLI)
to OS autostart (start of user session).

This made avail. to see system notifications on that event (at least on KDE).

After execution I have that inotifywait name in process list, so that task could be found and ended by user via a task/process manager.

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