Where to put feedback regarding "unstable"?

There is no announcement in “Unstable updates” since a month. But I see frequent updates in Unstable. Where to put the feedback if something is wrong in unstable?

I was wondering too, as I recently switched to Unstable until all the fixes for Nvidia Settings panel come to Testing, and I noticed that too, Unstable sub forum is kinda dead. At the same time I don’t really thing update announcement for the Unstable branch is appropriate regarding the nature of that branch, where new updates are constantly pulled in. Maybe a monthly thread could work.

Besides that, not sure that the Kernel category to post this thread is appropriate :smiley: You probably should have simply post in the current Unstable thread.

My mistake. I initially wanted to post an issue with kernel 5.9 from unstable.
I moved the post to the “Support” category.

… aaaannnd it just moved :smiley: (I flagged it for moderation for re-categorizing, didn’t think you could re-categorize yourself)

Moved to #announcements:unstable-updates

Atm I just post in the latest unstable announcement thread actually.

Agree. There should be a weekly or monthly thread to collect issues.

In the latest unstable thread.

Then post it in the #support:kernel section. :wink:

Please don’t do that. No one should be able to post in #announcements except the Manjaro Team.

@codesardine Can you take a look at the posting permissions there?

I’m sorry. I should have moved the post to latest topic there and not the topic.

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