Where to find PKGBUILD used to build a package?

Hello community,

I was checking out the Kodi PKGBUILD that I found on the manjaro Gitlab:

I noticed the version is older than the one currently installed on my Raspberry Pi 4. (18.8 and not 18.6)

[user@tl69 ~]$ pacman -Qi kodi       
Name            : kodi
Version         : 18.8-1
Description     : A software media player and entertainment hub for digital media
Architecture    : aarch64

Si I was wondering what PKGBUILD was used to build that specific package?

On the arch package website for ARM there appears to be no package for Aarch64 and Kodi 18.8…


So I’m quite lost as to where to look for the PKGBUILD used to build Kodi? :slight_smile:



@spikerguy, did you forget to update gitlab?

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Yes looks like its not pushed to gitlab.

Will do it tomorrow.

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