Where to begin? With helping in development, that is


Hi All!

Vague topic I know… But it is quite accurate none the less. The beginning I’m looking for is not the normal one. I’m a programmer by desire today, but professionally in my early days. I grew up on UNIX and VAX/VMS in the beginning. Before Linux existed. I fiddled around with Linux when I first became aware of it’s existence but didn’t really give it much credence. I was indeed wrong on it’s viability as an OS. I was mainly an applications and database programmer and wrote many LARGE multi-functional systems in several different languages but mainly used C for my base go to language if nothing else worked.

Since coming to Linux I’ve distro hopped almost continuously. I have always fallen back on Mint but have a fascination for Arch and Manjaro especially. I can’t explain why but I keep coming back and here I am again. Running a triple boot. Manjaro, Mint 19.1 and Windows 10 which I can’t yet get rid of due to a program requirement which may change SOON.

Ok… To the point. I’m wondering how I can use my skills to best advance Manjaro. I have delved into Qt, Python, C++ and of course C again and am pretty comfortable with them. I don’t really see a need for a database type app yet but there may be one. I guess what I’m really wondering is, is anybody doing development who would like a hand with something? Or does anyone have an idea for a program, tool, etc that they just don’t have the time to look into. I work best with a goal which is the reason I ask but if nothing comes of it then fine… I’ll just keep looking.

To ALL the developers of Manjaro! THANK YOU for a job WELL DONE! and I hope to hear from one of you.


Welcome to the forum @PaulKBSr :slight_smile:

Want to take a look at pamac-qt?

One of the reason for myself (in a pessimistc way) is that I prefer Arch packaging shortcomings over .deb packaging (or lack of them) ones


What an awesome sentiment to see displayed from a new user. As your post title is so general it is unlikely to gain the attention of those that develop Mangaro.

I would suggest getting the contact info of everyone involved on the project and PM’ing them personally. I hope you find some facet of Manjaro that fits your skill set and interests you to work on.


Perhaps @jonathon could point you in the right direction.

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Pamac-QT sounds like a great place to go. I’ll start there and thanks!



My main suggestion is to hang out on the forum for a while to get a feel for how things work and the issues people face. Sometimes these can lead to ideas, e.g.

which would need someone to implement a proof-of-concept, but which would also provide a nice starting project. There are other things in #manjaro-development:feature-request which might be of interest.

The other thing to look for are ways to help out with the projects which are included in the core of Manjaro - things like Calamares, Pamac, Octopi, MHWD, MSM. Calamares in particular is critical to be working correctly, so if you can squash any of its bugs you’re helping any distro which uses it.


Thank you! I changed the title but will try your suggestion for sure.



Welcome, I echo tbg’s sentiment about the great first post. I have some references for you to look at as well regarding package development. take a look at the gitlab groups and the raised issues.

there’s also a development mailing list that you could explore the archive for and sign up to of course.

finally, check the community spins tagged threads of the forum, sometimes the maintainers of those need a little assistance with coding and packaging. even just getting involved with testing with your knowledge level would be much appreciated as you’d clearly be able to feedback pertinent information from error codes some of us muggles might not understand as well :wink:


A HUGE thanks to all who’ve replied with suggestions. I’ll look at all the areas for sure. Calamares sounds interesting and I think I’ll go have a peek there first. It also sounds like I could be of good use there as well. @micsim35, You’re right on testing. The one area where I really do pride myself is in troubleshooting. Having done it for nearly 30 years I’ve become fairly good at it. :grinning:


This would be my opinion as well.

Manjaro is in a state where there are an endless amount of things that could be done. Hang around until you have a feel for how things work and then find something you are passionate about to build or contribute to.


To be clear… Which forum(s)? The feature-request one sounds good but others? Development area?



The volume here is low enough that you can typically just click the latest button at the top and scan through the threads you are interested in reading. That will show you all the threads in every forum that have activity.

Or…maybe I just spend too much time here.


As manjaro is free and open source, contributions of any sort are open and welcome whatever they may be. For what ideas on what to do for us, take a look at feature requests, or anything you don’t like about manjaro and want to fix. We will be more than happy with anything you do! Pamac QT, Stand-alone updaters, over all enhancements to user friendliness are usually what we want.

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