Where to add a feature request?

If a user would like to suggest a feature, should they add it as an issue at gitlab or in the Feedback > Feature Request or somewhere else?

For example: Manjaro’s Installer - Calamares

Toward the end of an ISO install, Calamares will do a (“pacman-mirrors”, “-f3”) using the worldwide mirrorpool.

I would like to suggest a feature that adds another step to Calamares. It could be as simple as some controls requesting:

–country, --geoip, --continent

Or it could be a little more sophisticated and take the opportunity to inform the user, in text or graphic, about the update process, how mirrors/repositories work, and maybe include the wiki documentation webpage url and/or the Stable Update Annoucement url and Branch Compare url.

By accident I ran across an issue that already exists for this feature request at gitlab.manjaro. It is 3 years old and no one has done anything to the Issue (i.e., comment, assign, close), so I’m wondering — is this the right place? :thinking:

Add the ability to choose Mirror by country during the installation

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