Where should bugs in packages specific to Manjaro official repo should be posted?

For example, the package telegram-desktop is broken as discussed here but the package telegram-desktop-bin (from AUR) is perfectly fine. Given that AUR is not enabled by default (for obvious reasons), we should be able to point out these bugs as these are specific to Manjaro official repo. Specifically this bug has been like this for several updates. So, what is the correct way of reporting such issues?

telegram-dekstop is from the Arch linux repo, so bugs with it should be reported to the Arch Linux package maintainer.


Um, that is not what @SinTan said, @Strit. He said that the AUR package is fine, but that Manjaro's own version of that package is broken.

So it would be pretty pointless for him to report to Arch that their package works while Manjaro's doesn't, don't you think? :stuck_out_tongue: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

As I understood, both packages are maintained by Arch. So, it might be useful to report to them.

Manjaro does not have it's own version of this package. It is packaged in Arch.


Well, if that is true, then you could try reporting to them, but I doubt whether an Arch developer/maintainer would care that their package works in Arch but not in Manjaro. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


One way to find out is using the unstable repo in Manjaro, because that is about the same as Arch Stable.

This just happened lol.
The report was messy though (first time there).

bug closed citing manjaro - expected response. never mention manjaro when reporting bugs to Arch in future, then you have a chance of it being dealt with :wink:


That's naughty. (And double naughty to be suggesting it to others...) :no_entry_sign:

I believe that the proper thing to do is to attempt to reproduce the bug on an Arch system. If it does reproduce then it is an Arch bug proper and there is no need to mention Manjaro. If it does not then it is an issue to be brought up with the Manjaro developers since it is something specific to Manjaro.


Well, I do not (and frankly don't want to) have an Arch installation setup. So, crap.

It was tongue in cheek. I know it's not really something that should be done

Here's the related ticket. It affected Arch Linux too.


It got fixed with a patch with 1.7.7-2. So it's just a matter of time before Manjaro just naturally gets it on all branches. Unfortunately, if it was fixed a few days before, it would already be on Manjaro Stable.


Yeah, I was assuming that it had not already been reported on the Arch linux bugtracker.

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