Where is the utf8 encoding in phpMyAdmin?

I was able to install LAMP and everything seems to be working fine, except for one thing!
I can’t find the utf8_* collations in phpMyAdmin, but it is available in XAMPP!
How can I solve this problem?

I guess you mean collations and not collections.

Let Me DuckDuckGo That For You - LMDDGTFY

oh thank you, edited.:smiley:
Unfortunately the link doesn’t open for me…

Changing the Database Collation in PhpMyAdmin at DuckDuckGo

Sorry if I wasted your time, I searched before but did not find it.
I have access to these collations when creating a database:
utf8mb4_ *
utf8mb3_ *
utf32_ *
utf16_ *
But “utf8” is not available, I can’t find it.

Might be a dumb suggestion… but scroll down…

Peek 2022-03-10 04-07

Might be a dumb suggestion… but scroll down…