Where is the package manjaro-system source?

Now that I understand more, I thought I’d review some forum entires that I had bookmarked some time ago.

The entry below was informative. It would be nice to know (for those that are curious) what the contents of manjaro-system is before actually doing the install.

Much of the breakage which Arch users solve manually on Manjaro is done with the package manjaro-system. If a fix needs a manipulation of some files in /etc for example, then Philm releases a new version of manjaro-system with a script which exactly applies this fix.

Nevertheless, he can’t know about all breakages, because there are different types of hardware and different configurations of software and some breakage occurs on a configuration which is specific to some Manjaro Stable users and wasn’t found in previous testing. And then suddenly dozens of users cannot log in into an encrypted installation, because they have a kernel which doesn’t work with the updated disk decryption program. And then you have to teach them under stress how to chroot an encrypted system. (Now the solution is documented.)
Does Manjaro need manual intervention on updates like Arch? - Newbie Corner - Manjaro Linux Forum

manjaro-system location and version info

===> pacman -Si manjaro-system|egrep  '(Repo|Version|Build)'
Repository      : core
Version         : 20220202-2
Build Date      : Wed 02 Feb 2022 03:57:46 AM CST

I headed to gitlab:

But I could not find the manjaro-system update 20220202.

Does anyone know where manjaro-system that @philm includes in a Stable update resides in gitlab?
I’m expecting to see a commit date at least in 2022, no? :slight_smile:

manjaro-system files

===> pacman -Ql manjaro-system

manjaro-system /usr/bin/fsck.overlay
manjaro-system /usr/share/libalpm/hooks/networkmanager-connectivity.hook

It sometimes happens the maintainer forget to push the changes to gitlab.

I think this is the case …

The PKGBUILD of the equivalent ARM package which was updated a week ago contains pkgver=20$(date +%y%m%d) and pacman -Si manjaro-system | grep Build Date shows Build Date : Wednesday 02 February 2022 03:27:46 PM. So maybe…