Where is the best place to post questions regarding installing Windows 10 under QEMU?


I am trying to install Windows 10 under QEMU (and virt-manager). I am having some issues with it. Where would be the best place to possibly ask questions?

Obviously I am running Manjaro, but this seems to be something that is more QEMU/Windows10/Virt-manager specific than Manjaro specific.



AFAIK you are fine here. Or post in #newbies
But the best place to get aquatinted with QEMU is here

So, later you can mention in your comment at what step you got stuck.

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Does this type question really require a solution from a Linux forum? Should I ask Ford with help repairing my Chevy?

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Thank you for the link. I will spend a little time trying to get antiquated with QEMU and see if that helps me figure out where I am having difficulties.

I have been able to install virt-manager and QEMU and I can successfully create a new virtual machine and install a flavor of Linux.

But when I try to install Windows 10 it appears that the install disk (the CDROM) loses connection to the windows 10 iso. I am following these instructions:


as well as:

But in neither case does the installation stop like mine does (I get an error similar to this document: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/a-media-driver-your-computer-needs-is-missing/) right after I click the install button. When I look at the virtual CDROM drives they appear to no longer have the windows 10 iso loaded.

The reason I didn't ask the question here directly is mostly because it seems like an intersection between QEMU and Windows 10, but I am lost as to where I would actually ask the question. I appreciate the response. Thanks.


Where I live, if I walked into a local Ford dealer and asked them where I could get my Chevy serviced (especially if I additionally drove a Ford as my daily driver), they would happily point me in the right direction. Perhaps it is different where you live.

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Well, I suppose some folks might need to, but they generally aren't intelligent enough to run Linux. Or not for long, I would guess.

Or--let me put it this way. The long-term Linux users I know would not need to do so. Go chew on that for a while. :wink:

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It is more than likely a qemu issue and not a windows issue.

I would ask on a qemu specific forum if one exists. I also wouldn't use tutorials from a 2 year old version of ubuntu that probably has a totally different version of qemu than manjaro.

Thanks. That was what I suspected. I am trying to find the correct forum for QEMU questions.

There are strangely few up to date tutorials for installing windows 10 in virt-manager. I did find some (and I thought I had linked to the one I found but I guess I picked the wrong tab). Generally they all give the same advice.

If I figure this out, I'll report back in this forum on this thread.

No thanks.

Make sure the iso is not on a partition that will get attached to the "guest". In that case the partition will be unmounted from "host", hence the iso not available ...

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Renault dealer...

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