Where is swapfile

I try change swapfile size, but I not find swapfile. Arch wiki say that it is /etc/systemd/swap.conf but it is not there.

You are mixing sections of the wiki?
systemd-swap uses the /etc/systemd/swap.conf while a swapfile has to be generated the size you want.

When I used Linux Mint swapfile located /etc/sysctl.conf. but Manjaro this file not exist.

Related to @bogdancovaciu’s comment - Arch based systems uses drop in files.

If your intention is to implement a lower swappiness value - you would add a file to the /etc/sysctl.d folder e.g.

echo "vm.swappiness=10" | sudo tee -a /etc/sysctl.d/swappiness.conf

Please do not confuse swappiness with swapfile size …

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