Where is manjaro four seasons wallpaper?

where is this manjaro wallpaper? will it be default after the bamboo wallpaper?

I remember there is a four seasons manjaro wallpaper, but I never seen it in ISO.

How can I download it?

We might have to find a good way to package it. For now you can get the wallpapers i did from here:

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That looks more like a KDE wallpaper, not a Manjaro wallpaper.

Well, yes, on the gitlab those might look like for KDE, but the initial idea was to be usable on all DEs via PKGBUILD. Sadly other things needed to be addressed and this was postponed.

My post was for OP. His screenshot has a small KDE logo on the flag in the background.

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Ah, seems i need more coffee as also the OP was already aware of the gitlab repository … :sweat_smile:

no, it is three manjaro penguins going off a spacecraft.

That’s hard to see when there’s a giant window covering almost half the wallpaper in the screenshot.
I just saw the KDE logo on the flag though. I don’t believe any of the Manjaro wallpapers have that.

@Firestar The wallpaper above was part of KDE repo.
The original can be found searching popular search engines with “A safe landing wallpaper” but it seems like it’s the default for breeze 5.25.


Yep, this is “Safe Landing”. It was a part of Plasma extra wallpapers package for a long time but it’s decided to have it default in 5.25.

New wallpaper is actually almost finished but it’s not that. “Four Seasons” would actually be great to have with the next Manjaro release as an extra wallpaper set.

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