Where is a passphrase stored when I request "Remember Forever"?

I chose the third option by mistake.
Now I have the problem of deleting the saved password
You may guide me to delete the saved password.

It’s been forever since I’ve used Cinnamon. :upside_down_face:

Until someone else chimes in, can you check for the application “Seahorse” in your menu? (It might also be named “Passwords and Keys”.)

You can invoke seahorse from the terminal with the command seahorse

EDIT: Correction. I think Seahorse is only used for GPG and Login credentials, not for network shares.

You’ll have to check for Network Shares under your System Settings.

Thank you very much, :pray: :pray: my problem was solved by installing this program :+1: :+1:.


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HOW?! HOW???

No one has ever bypassed the patented red-mark redactions! :exploding_head:

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I’ve already reported @zbe to the authorities.

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