Where do I find modern themes for LXDE and LXQt?

Guys, I’m using both LXQt in virtual machine and LXDE in real machine.
I don’t like the way both desktops look.

I’d like to find some themes with Material UI, Material Design, Flat like Chromebook or Android Pie appearance.

I have found only icons, but themes for the system itself have no official website to download and many KDE and GNOME themes seems broken on LXQt and LXDE.

People tell me to take a look at GitHub. I haven’t found nothing interesting but only scripts

Sorry for my ignorance if I’m doing something wrong. I’m just new to Linux and Manjaro.

On a quick look in AUR I found those LXQt themes:


No, no - they are not broken - they are not designed with lx-systems in mind, which is entirely different. :slight_smile:

EDIT: October 31, 2018 6:12 AM

  • KDE themes is not build for Gnome
  • GTK themes is not build for KDE

So being able to use the same theme for both is difficult.

I would look to the Manjaro Adapta-Maia theme which might fit. Then installing Kvantum could be a step towards creating the desired theming.

How do I see this thing???

So the qt and gtk themes wouldn’t fit on lxqt and lxde? So I need very specif themes to make it work?

Just use Octopi and type lxqt in AUR search. That’s all :wink: .

Nope, you need lxqt specific themes from what I know, hence those specialized themes exist in AUR. It’s a small list but it’s a start. With Compton, icons and various settings you have some choice to style DE. LXQt is still very new so more themes is to be expected once Lubuntu will have LTS on LXQt. It already gained some interest but I think it will improve over time.

I’m actually using LXDE, so there is no Octopi here. You meant Pamac?
So I need to enable AUR on this by what I’m searching.

Thanks in advance, it’ll help.

Ah, I thought you are on LXQt. In such case use pamac to search those. Go to settings and enable AUR.

There are no LXDE themes in AUR… So LXQt has already an upper hand.

Absolutely rubbish you are talking lxde gtk2 millions of themes they are GTK2 compatible and most gtk3 have a gtk2 theme folder as well.
lxde gtk3 again virtually 100s they are GTK3,

Sorry - I should have specified that GTK themes is not designed for LXQt which might make it look weird.

LXDE on the other hand is GTK based and thus GTK themes will work as expected.

The OP question was modern themes.

Also OP mentioned the use of both LXQt and LXDE so I assumed the intention was to use the same theme on both.

As both LXQt and LXDE is using Openbox WM - technically all GTK themes will work.

Maybe installing Kvantum on LXQt can improve the theming?

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Does Lxqt uses kwin ? I read it somewhere that lxqt uses kwin as wm

Not the Manjaro version.

I recall reading that too - on the forum somewhere - a user build it with kwin

Kwin is way better than openbox

That may be - does it offer the same flexibility and configuration options as openbox?

When I get time - I will play with it.

KDE offers so much kwin effects so it should offer more than openbox

In other words - you don’t know :slight_smile:

Yes I use KDE

You could read this wiki article - it is fairly up-to-date - last edit july 2017.


Yes, it can use kwin if you have it installed. The only downsize is that you need to install also certain elements of plasma (plasma settings) to be able to control it via GUI (unless you are happy editing configs).
Kwin in LXQt works great, as good as in Plasma. You get the same window decoration as in Plasma, the same window effects, etc. In fact, all the screenshots on LXQt project page were done on LXQT on kwin :wink: .

Just look at this:

Good point, I’ll try it on. Maybe it brings some transparency and blur to LXQt!

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