Where do I find Gammy?

I type Gammy in add/remove software, but get nothing. I want a GUI tool to adjust Gamma, I know one is out there.

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It is available from the AUR. Install via Pamac GUI or in terminal


pamac build gammy

I really wonder why you ask instead of first trying to look for yourself.

If it is in the AUR, you have to have enabled this feature in pamac (which is: add/remove software)
before you can even see it or use it from there.

Get to know the system you are using (trying to use).

Thanks, it is stable right?

The upstream URL leads to page being blocked by uBlock Origin.

Ah, hadn’t noticed that. I guess the developer stopped paying for the domain and a cyber squatter bought it.

I also hadn’t noticed the upstream repo is archived.

This project is not being worked on anymore. A new, linux-only version is being developed here.

FYI, both the gammy and gammy-git AUR package will be deleted soon. Use gummy or gummy-git instead.

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Well crap, that is why I don’t see it after I enabled AUR support.

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