Where do I find a "changelog" for matcha-gtk-theme which has a pending update

If I want to know what changed in matcha-gtk-theme, it doesn’t seem enough to look at the commits.

Do users have to go to the development site of matcha-gtk-theme, and is that then true for all packages?


I know if I go to /usr/share/doc/bash I can view the NEWS to find bash changes.

If I were still using KDE, I’d go to Announcements and review their Full Changelog.

I’m just trying to explain to users why there’s a package update. It’s not security related and it’s not a Stable Update, so it’s some sort of pre-Stable-Update :slight_smile:

It’s packaged from a git repo, so you can see the git commit log here:

Looks like it’s mostly gnome 40 fixes.

What is a “w” git repo?

Sorry, was a typo. Fixed it now.