Where can I repport a possible security issue? (Manjaro - GNOME)

I enountered a behavior which might be a security issue, but I can’t figure out where to report it in the forum.
When I turn my computer on, it prompts me for password. If I click the cancel button, It lets me access my desktop as though as I have provided the password.
auto login is checked for my admin user.

I’m afraid you’re misinterpreting the symptoms. :wink:

The password prompt you are presented with is not your login ─ the fact that you’ve enabled autologin bypasses the requirement for a password ─ but most likely a prompt for unlocking your SSH keys or some other key chain application, e.g. for a WiFi password or for automatically logging into your mail account. I can’t give you any details on that as I don’t use GNOME, but there are similar applications for other desktop environments.

Either way, as a result of you clicking the Cancel button, you will indeed be taken into your desktop session, because you do have autologin enabled. But you will find that you will not be able to use the things for which that password prompt was intended without ─ indeed ─ entering the required password.

The bottom line is that there is no security issue. :wink:

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I hope you mean a regular user w/admin rights, and not the root account.

If in fact that it is for the root account, then YOU are the security issue.


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