Where can I post questions and problems?

I am on unstable.
Is this where I want to post questions and problems with my manjaro?

  Active pacman repo servers in: /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist
    1: https://mirror.math.princeton.edu/pub/manjaro/unstable/$repo/$arch
    2: https://mirror.clarkson.edu/manjaro/unstable/$repo/$arch
    3: https://repo.ialab.dsu.edu/manjaro/unstable/$repo/$arch
    4: https://mirrors.sonic.net/manjaro/unstable/$repo/$arch
    5: https://mirrors.ocf.berkeley.edu/manjaro/unstable/$repo/$arch
    6: https://mirrors.gigenet.com/manjaro/unstable/$repo/$arch

If your issues caused by a package update or update process itself, try here, if not then open a new dedicated topic.

could not satisfy dependencies:
- installing nvidia-utils (510.47.03-3) breaks dependency 'nvidia-utils=495.46' required by linux515-nvidia
- if possible, remove linux515-nvidia and retry

Right. I just said either use nvidia-dkms or wait for the kernel updates along with the extramodules; i.e., linux5XX-nvidia-510.47.03-1.

I’ll say again, such is life using the unstable branch.


Keep this in mind:

Those that use Unstable need to have the skills to get themselves out of trouble when they move their system to this branch. They are the Manjaro users who are most likely to need to use such skills.


These are trivial things, if you don’t know what you are seeing then it’s better to switch to -at least- the testing branch. It’s not good wasting devs’ time and energy for trivial stuff, plus, you can brake your system if you update randomly and arbitrarily.


So how do I acquire such skills?
How did you acquire such skills?

Keep yourself a working, non experimental system and do experiments on a VM install. That way you can learn a lot.


The only problem I see with that is if you want to test with all system components you won’t have access to them in the VM as far as I know.

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And a VM is not real HW, If it were that easy, developers wouldn’t ask for feedback.

Perhaps try testing branch for a while and once you start to feel more confident and comfortable with Linux then move to unstable

You asked

So, either you want to learn or you already have skills to test from software to hardware and everything in between?

What developer asked for any feedback in this discussion?

So am I to assume ( and I know what assume means) that because I am running ‘unstable’ that I cannot and should not ask questions to this community?

Your question is a bit provocative as it was clearly answered already by @tuxmanjarino and @bogdancovaciu. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That depends on the question. If you’re brave enough to run unstable, you should be able to fix simple things by yourself. Anyone reading your question then can decide if they want to write two pages of text of very basic things.

Although, this seems to sound a lot like gatekeeping, you’re free to simply ask your question instead of this nonsense.

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Judging by this:

asking such questions in the unstable thread is bad advice.

No one did, I was just commenting over the lack of usefulness of testing a distro or packages over a VM. And I know this because every time that I report bugs on freedesktop or kernel.org, they ask for feedback info that requires a baremetal instead of VM, either if its GPU related or any other thing.

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So, then you might also know what Off Topic means.

Yes, I know what offtopic is. I was just trying to contribute and be helpful.

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I think there was some miscommunication happening here.

Thanks for trying to help out.

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