Where can I find a list of packages included in the Official ISOs?

I am looking for a list of packages that are included in the Official ISOs, in order to compare the full & minimal installs.

It was around two months after I switched to the minimal install that I realised I didn’t have apparmor. I’d like to run a diff on the two & pick out any other packages that I feel like I should have.

I’ve skimmed through the Manjaro repos on both GitHub & GitLab, & also searched through this forum but I’ve come up empty handed.

If it’s somewhere obvious, I apologise for my mediocre search skills :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here you go:

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Here you go:




The packages with > in the beginning aren’t there in minimal edition.


Hi, you can do that also with bmenu (ToolBox - in the Gnome search) via option 9 (Release Comparison), which will compare any online release against the installed system and provide you a diff with and without personally removed software.


@frost19k If comparing installed ISO’s there are two files in /etc that contain this info.

@Shirshendu I see the desktop profiles, but where is the root/base system “profile”. :question::question: :question:

It looks like at one time the gitlab tags represented releases, but the last one was v20.1.1 and the current release is v21.1.2. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Found the base files by reading:

Build Manjaro ISOs with buildiso - Manjaro

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