Where can I download the UKUI manjaro iso?


yes this is a very simple question, but i have searched online and cannot find a manjaro iso with UKUI. Is there an iso out there for this? If not, how would I replace my current manjaro xfce setup with the UKUI desktop enviro?



Look into ukui group in Pamac. Or just run from terminal:
pamac install ukui
Press Enter when asked, to install all.
Reboot and then you will have the UKUI desktop to log into. Be prepared for all the mess you can get.


OSDN is no longer used for releases. Did you check the archive on OSDN?

Thanks for the instructions!

Yeah, I have checked this osdn. net/projects/manjaro-community/storage/ukui/ , but it has no downloads in the folder. It might have been removed?

I am referring to osdn.net/projects/manjaro-archive where all the isos previously on osdn has moved to.

Ok thanks, I didn’t know about that link. It seems they have v21.0 pre1 as the latest version, but not sure when it was added. I might give it a try

From the archive


The content is for historical reasons, it is archived and unsupported


Installation using an archived ISO may succeed but impossible to update due to ABI changes.


yeah saw that, but just wanted to try out the UKUI desktop to see how it looks with manjaro etc. But I don’t plan on using it for anything serious