Where can I download archived builds?

Hi, trying to figure out where I can download old Manjaro Cinnamon builds?

Bonus: Is there a way to bisect Manjaro builds for regressions?

Thank you!

In Manjaro Gitlab or Sourceforge I guess.

But I don’t really see the interest. A rolling release… Rolls, and rolls, and rolls…

Let’s say, a May 2017 iso would have the entire system and packages outdated, with tons of versions behind. I doubt you would succeed to even update after install, with so old versions.

I agree with this. If you have an issue you want to find the cause of, you’re better off explaining the issue (and around the time it started happening).

It’s an issue with a program from our company, so we are trying to debug what patch of Manjaro Cinnamon broke this. I agree though with your statement, but this is an issue with the compatibility of Manjaro with our Program.

Can you guys supply links to archived builds? Sourceforge and Gitlab both seemingly don’t contain archived builds. Thanks.

Finding what patch of Manjaro that broke our program for our users will greatly help our developers work out what’s going on.

Up to 20.2 can be found here: Downloading File /cinnamon - Manjaro ISO Archive - OSDN

Beyond that I don’t believe so. Main issue would be I assume that Manjaro does not release a new ISO for every update, and there is no package archive to my knowledge that’ll allow you to downgrade an entire system, so cache would be your only option in that regard (unless you wanna go about downgrading packages by building from the gitlab manjaro repo). It would probably be more effective for you to see the dependencies your package has, then manually install older versions (depending on what it is, can’t downgrade something like the kernel this way) from the Arch package archive: Index of /packages/

Using that approach, you would hopefully find the specific package that is the cause, then afterwards find the specific package update that caused the problem.


Thank you a bunch. This should help us get started! :smiley:

By the way, depending on the scale of testing, may be worthwhile to test your software on the Manjaro testing branch, that way if a problem does occur it’s a fairly small number of changes you have to go through. Something like a docker image may help automate this.

I’ll talk to the team about this. :+1:

If your issue is not DE specific, github builds new ISOs every day: Releases · manjaro-plasma/download · GitHub

It’s DE specific. Only fails on Cinnamon. Frustrating part! :stuck_out_tongue:

If the system was regularly updated and if you know when the program stopped work, you can assume which update was the cause and use the proper ISO release to debug without checking all releases :wink:

There are no “patches” or “builds”. An ISO is just a snapshot in time with packages from that date.

What does your program depend on? Most likely it was a dependency that updated, nothing to do with Manjaro or Cinnamon specifically.

If you share the package with the problem here, we may be able to help you debug this.

I agree, but it is not known the exact dependency is causing this issue. It does look xorg/xserver related. Shall I start here? I have tried to bisect xserver, but that didn’t go so well. :stuck_out_tongue:. Can Xserver be downgraded easily? Thank you.

By doing what, exactly? I would go over recent changelogs for the dependencies and see if there’s anything in your code that needs to be adapted.

That’s neither a good idea nor supported. Downgrading packages will almost always leave you in a partial upgrade state. Rolling releases roll forward, not back.

I don’t believe this is the case if it’s DE dependent. Both KDE and Cinnamon use Xorg by default.

Then i suppose you know where to find its logs? So you can narrow the search from a printed error. And add some traces if needed.

What DEs have you tested? Many packages can be shared between DEs, but knowing which ones show the issue and which ones don’t may also narrow the list of relevant packages.

If the error points a library, you can easily deduce its package.
pacman -Qo /path/to/lib/file

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