Where are the QT5 Manjaro custom config stored?

I am confused as to how to frame this question but basically I am building a custom Manjaro Gnome and I want the QT apps to be properly themed the same way that Manjaro Gnome (the official build) does them. I have installed the QT5 on the custom iso but from where does it “pick up” those Mankaro Themed Themes?

Like on my Official Manjaro installation I have these many options:

But on the custom iso I have only 2:

Is there a package that I need to install for this theming?
Thank you!

install qt5 themes.
like breeze,breath.arc.etc
kvantum manager.for qt apps to become transaparant and blurry.

Do you have qt5-styleplugins ?

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As per forg … please follow the suggestions here and on wiki for making gtk/qt play nice.

Aside from that … I think most all are using kvantum versions.
But for all the relevant themes it should not be necessary as they have normal QT equivalents (adapta maia/breath etc)
[I have been silently working on matcha as well]


Thank you sir, that fixed it! :slight_smile:

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