Where and how can I mount HDD?

Currently, I don’t have my HDD mounted at startup.
When I open it trough dolphin it’s being mounted it /run/media/…

I know how to mount drives, but I’m not realy sure if there is any default/classic directory for permanent HDD mounting (if I mount something temporary I do it in /mnt)

And about how.
Now. When I have a new drive and open it trough Dolphin I need to create a directory on it and change its ownership from root to jm (jm is my user)

If I don’t do this I can’t read/write anything.

/mnt/ is a good choice for internal drives

write in the /etc/fstab the following line:

UUID=[UUID of your HDD] /mnt/[dedicated folder] ext4 defaults,noatime 0 2

to change the rights to the user (to be able to write on it):

sudo chown -Rc $USER: [path_to_the_mounted_drive]

No there is no classical way… as i remember:

  1. /mnt was the very first place to mount temporary.
  2. /media came later then as auto-mount was more was widely used. Now it is in /run/media
  3. If you need to mount other hard drives permanently then better create a folder on the root folder like /data and mount it there and put the folder to favorites or however you like it.
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The lazy way is to have a label on your partition - my Toshiba has T4 (ext4) which I use as an extension to /home for media (Plex), pictures, music etc.

Initially I made a folder /mnt/T4 and then used gnome-disks to tell it to mount there at boot.
Systemd makes a mount and puts it on as boot - but it’s been fine for a couple of years so far, and it’s easy (if the disk fails) to replace that disk, give it the label, and mount that same location with a new device.

Later on you can set up a systemd mount which is more efficient - but basically the location can be anywhere (and I find /mnt/ to be pretty permanent). /run/media is more like a temporary mount on the fly location.

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You might want to look at this:

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According to the official documentation:


/media is still the advised mount point for any removable media…

cc @megavolt /data definitely is not! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

Yes, my advice - never RTFM :rofl:
At least now you know where you can stick your floppy :stuck_out_tongue: