Where am I supposed to file issues for bugs and etc.?

I want to submit a few issues I have with Manjaro (for example with the default theme). Where should I post those issues? What git page? Can someone send me a link pls

It depends on program with which you have problem. If you have problem with Manjaro packages you can post here or on Manjaro’s gitlab. If you have problem with Firefox go to Mozilla’s bugtracker, for linux kernel go to kernel bugzilla, for issues with other programs, with Flameshot for example you should create issue on their github. Etc. etc.


I have a problem with default themeing. I posted it here

But I don’t really know if that repo is even relevant

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Virtual Box is Qt app, and somehow follows their own standards. Your issue is posted on a theme for GTK+

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so how can I repair that? Or where should I submit that issue

Either you modify the source code of VBox and make it use a nomenclature of that widget that the qt5ct can recognize and apply the proper decoration and color, or you fill a bug report to them.
Or, you modify the adwaita-qt to be able to properly apply to that widget of VBox.

I already replied on your bug report on gitlab, and let you some links there.

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