Whenever I try to update all my apps it says "could not find database"

Hey! This is my first time on the forums. Anyway, whenever I go to the “Add/Remove software” and I try to update it just says “could not find database” with no information at all. Is there a fix? Am I gonna have to use outdated software until I change my OS? (I am on a Pinebook, btw.)

Edit: I fixed it!

sounds like the mirrorlist should be reordered:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu

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Didn’t work. :pensive:

refresh mirrorlist with reflector

Fixed. I just had to remove a repository that wasn’t working properly.

I once read somewhere that reflector only works with Arch (because of the Arch-mirrors)?

by mistake wrote reflector

aha :roll_eyes:


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