When will Xfce 4.15 come to Manjaro? It has CSD windows.


" When will Xfce 4.15 come to Manjaro?"

Unlikely to come, unless XFCE 4.16 just takes forever to be released and there would be a very good reason(s) to move away from XFCE 4.14.

We will provide 4.15 of XFCE later this week as we always showcase the latest xfce development within Manjaro. I'll post about it later also on Twitter.


Will it overlay the packages from Arch though, or it will be something parallel like KDE-dev?

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Sorry for my impatience but any progress? Xfce fan here :slight_smile:

If you aren't maintaining the packages yourself, please do not rush others. The maintainers have a life and other work outside of Manjaro. They are spending their own personal time to help develop and maintain Manjaro.

@philm - I didn't understand this. Lemme get this right, are you going to provide XFCE 4.15 which is a dev snapshot on stable repos?

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