When will the Arch Linux community release an AUR package of NordPass?

The Arch Linux community should do something to develop an AUR app for NordPass. Currently, Snap is the only option right now, which brings in a controversy stating that snap is a centralized package from Canonical. Also, I believe NordPass would load faster with an AUR package rather than Snap. So what are your thoughts? Let me know if the Arch community is developing this app.

It’s not possible because NordPass only provides a snap package. The developer does not provide any packages to be able to build from.

At least proprietary companies such as Discord or Spotify, provides a .deb and .tar.gz package that we can build from.

You’ll have to contact the devs of NordPass themselves.

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You are mistaking something: packages in AUR are not developed by the Arch community but merely packaged from an available source. As @realmain pointed out, nordpass being a proprietary application with no source publicly available nor package besides a Snap one, options to build a common-type package are currently nil.


While it is true that NordPass comes in Snap, there is also a Flatpak version of it.

Sure it is. Authy is only released as a Snap, but it’s in the AUR. :wink:

@4d0ef9986d26b1fe99c9 Anyone can add a package to the AUR (Arch User Repository), feel free to do so.

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Today I learned:


That being said, for OP, someone needs to be willing to maintain the package on AUR. But… If the company provides a Snap already… might as well use that Snap imo. Since the AUR package would be made from the Snap anyway. Regarding OP’s concern about Snap.