When will pfifo_fast be a standard on manjaro

Fq_codel is simply too slow. How to make pfifo_fast on startup? (questionmark). I do temporary by this:

  1. sysctl -w net.core.default_qdisc=pfifo_fast
  2. modprobe -r r8169", or (inxi -Fazy, look for “network” and “driver”, usually “r8169”)
  3. enter “modprobe r8169”

And second (also), why MTU for tun0, or VPN, not stick in manjaro. Iam have to do “sudo ifconfig tun0 mtu 1472 up”. So many packet get cut, or download speed is slow, or upload for game telefrag. Why?

And third (lastly), why is there (trick) no permanent command for pfifo_fast or qdisc change? Like as follow: sudo tc qdisc replace dev tun0 root pfifo_fast.

fq_codel - best for routers, hypervisors and best general purpose qdisc
fq - best for fat servers

cause fq_codel is the best choice overall. it might be that another setting works better on your system but not in general for all users.

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why does pfifo score lower in latency time on https://www.waveform.com/tools/bufferbloat. I am score “A+” with pfifo in QOS with(out) shibby tomato, but only “A” with(out) fq_codel. pfifo on router and pfifo_fast on each machine (PC or VM) is lower ping time. Why?

edit: meant pfifo is lower latency time

When I was messing with traffic shaping many years ago, the default was pfifo or pfifo_fast if I recall correctly -
that there is a different default now was new to me and I would have never known it, had you not asked here.

from reading the link:

probably because it is very simple
while fq_codel is a more complex qdisc

It is chosen as default because it is apparently very useful in most real world applications and performs better overall. :man_shrugging:

How would you measure that? (Questionmark) pfifo is most basic form of routing from 1990’s (i.e., packet is sent from PC to router and then, to ISP). Fq_codel simply creates a buffer queue for packets to go out from router (or middle-man). This (trick) bahd for get out packets from router faster, or fast (or chop, chop). First in, First out is equality. FQ_codel is discriminatory, or bahd. However, fq_codel priortize gamer, or upload queue, with(out) other internet or video user lagging in surfing, or packet burst. But when fewer people on network, pfifo win, or lower latency, otra vez. Fq_codel will alway have queue (or backlog) and delay packet transfer, or when multi-task for internet bandwidth is present, even for single-user. tap, tap Mm-m.

Are you asking me?
I don’t know and I don’t care.

I would (need to) care if I would experience negative effects
or if I would once again have to tinker with traffic shaping as I once did when I built my own solution to fairly share the back then very low available bandwith among many users.
(Germany, Freifunk Network - a Wlan router mesh network where few people with actual internet connection shared their access with others who didn’t have an internet connection,
I needed/wanted to prioritize me, of course, and a few close neighbors before the other participants
so that I did not suffer too much when others used the free access heavily …)

Today, at this time:
don’t know, don’t care :man_shrugging:

What I do know, from this experience, no less:

it is not that simple :nerd_face:

okay. Here’s the “real skinny” on pfifo and pfifo_fast vs. fq_codel. Fq_codel is slower b/c of backlog. But it (sex) is more reliable in a corporate setting. Because every transaction get prioritize and queued (not to mention processed in hiearchy). But, pfifo is faster because everything is process in real-time. That (trick) is why pfifo is “pfifo_fast” on all PC’s. If talk about home-network, then pfifo will alway win. Everything is just faster like Jamaican English. However, be warn. pfifo is fastest, but network packet get interrupted all time (such as text messages. Cellphone use travel faster on corporate, or Fq_codel, without much error (for now), but that’s because pfifo is underdog, and consider “old fashioned”). Eh, since fq_codel work better with PC, tablet or cellphone (text message on pfifo take 3 minutes to transfer, while fq_codel take 1 minute to send or receive on same network), pound, pound fq_cake win. I guess, most internet packet take some sort of queue to not get cut, or no. But, it (or sex) shouldn’t have to be like that. pfifo is underdeveloped, or consider passe. There (trick) should (hope) can (logic) be (logic) nothing wrong with tradition (or pfifo), IMHO. But up to you. As for a yo, you’ve won me over Olli (When will pfifo_fast be a standard on manjaro - #2 by Olli) and Nachlese (When will pfifo_fast be a standard on manjaro - #6 by Nachlese). Lord knows: your old pal, Tankman, likes “old fashioned”. I wish it (sex) could be different…

I am find solution (you (insult) create systemmd service and enable)

  1. create systemmd


  1. Enable and reboot

Muchos gracias! And be well Olli and Nachlese.