When will Manjaro support Microsoft Store and WSL2?

I am willing to use Manjaro with Win10 and WSL2 will be a good choice. But I cannot find it in the Microsoft store (and Arch Linux either). When will Manjaro support Microsoft Store and WSL2? Are the developers working on this?

There is a ArchWSL project on GitHub

Not Manjaro though, but it’s the closest option.



Looks like there is a Manjaro Github project now:

^^ this is based off the wsldl project, so many other distros are supported, check out the list:


lmao, I thought you were talking about being able to “run” Microsoft store in Manjaro… :sweat_smile:

You can build your own base image that can be imported into WSL. See below:

The idea is basically the same as @jonathon explained in his legacy forum thread. You just need to follow steps 2, 3 and 4 for creating the image.

Note that step 4 needs to be modified so that tar archives to a file rather than piping the output into docker. This resulting tarball file will be your distribution rootfs that can be easily imported into WSL2.

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