When will kernel 5.10 be EOL? Is it still worth upgrading from 5.9 to 5.10?

Hello all,

with kernel development getting faster and faster each day, and 5.9 being tagged EOL only a few weeks after it was introduced, I am just wondering:

Is it still worth to upgrade to kernel 5.10 or should one better wait until 5.11 or even 5.12?
Looks like this is going to occur shortly, if I understand correctly.

I will go ahead and switch to Kernel 5.10 since the 5.9 is now EOL and will shortly be removed from Manjaro. Since when that happens, it will be hard to get updates.

Please forgive me if you do know this already, but it is recommend to keep a LTS Kernel installed.

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Yes, 5.10 is an LTS kernel.
If it’s working ok for you (always have minimum 2 kernel versions installed to switch in case of problems), you should use that one.

Version Maintainer Released Projected EOL
5.10 Greg Kroah-Hartman & Sasha Levin 2020-12-13 Dec, 2022
5.4 Greg Kroah-Hartman & Sasha Levin 2019-11-24 Dec, 2025

More here


So 5.4 is supported 3 years longer than (the supposedly newer) 5.10?
That might appear peculiar to at least some people not so familiar with kernel development :slight_smile:

Those dates could change also.
Might very well be that the date 5.10 is increased later on.

So the Entire 5.10 Series will be consider LTS?

Yepp. It will get constant bug / security fixes with new revisions 5.10.x until it reaches EOL.

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That’s encouraging news.
Even better: As the Nvidia driver v.390 is being made available for the 5.10 kernel, it even runs on my ancient machine with a Geforce GTX 550 Ti card.
Thanks a lot to all the friendly people who made this possible :+1:

In Manjaro Settings manager kernel section, I see no LTS next to 5.10 . Is this added later?

When 5.11 will be there.

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Maybe you want to look into my crystal ball.

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Ah so that’s how that works.