When will KDE 5.25 come?

It is already in Arch and Endeavour, not to mention KDE neon. But i don’t see it in even Manjaro unstable. Am I missing something?

Yes, you are.

5.25.0 has been in the unstable branch for over a week. 5.25.1 landed yesterday. See Manjaro Packages (previously Branch Compare).


Yeah, I already got it on unstable many days ago.

Just wanted to know, if there is any fixed span after which these packages are moved to stable?

Look at the #announcements:stable-updates thread

Historically - depending on complexity - around 1-4 weeks - give or take - before packages arrive at stable branch.

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As previously said, stable updates usually happen once to twice a month.

Thanks, I did check a website called packages.manjaro.org but couldn’t find it there.
Edit: Looks like I checked plasma-desktop from the KDE unstable repo instead of extra.

No there is not.

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