When will Gnome 43 land in Manjaro (unstable)?

I guess this question pretty much equals to asking “when will Gnome 43 land in Arch Linux?”, but I couldn’t find an answer on the internet…

The official stable release of GNOME 43 is expected around September 21st, 2022, aka tomorrow for some of us. Just around the corner. Arch Linux packagers will then start doing their magic and after that Manjaro unstable will also have them. In the best scenario it would be this week.


The Gnome 43 version is planned for tomorrow. If it is the case, you must wait 2 or 3 days before it is available. I guess Gnome 43 will be available in stable branch in the middle of October.


We don’t know when Arch themselves add it to their repos. Sometimes they wait for the first point release, which is end next month.


In fedora 37 beta, I have tried it and I like it, but they still have to adapt the extensions that I usually use, dash to panel, bluetooth quick connect etc.

Hey Guys,

Just read a full breakdown on Gnome-43, sounds like a pretty big update:

I know Manjaro Developers usually delay new packages / updates for stability, so do we have an ETA on when we might get these updates? Q4 timeframe?


No way to give a time frame at this point, since not even Arch has it in their testing repos yet.

Hi philm,

when Gnome 42.5 will be available in the stable branch ?


When it’s deemed ready.

I tested Gnome 42.5 by using the testing branch and it is ok. I used the testing branch for test only. And as the testing update topic from september 18 is closed, I asked to philm.

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