When using btrfs as the OS file system, rootflags=subvol=@ seems to be added to the grub menu by default

Because I want to use snapper’s rollback function, I want to delete this parameter, but it seems that this option does not exist in the /etc/default/grub file.
What should I do?

It seems you need to read Btrfs - Manjaro

I just can’t be very curious how to delete the rootflags = subject = @ parameter in the GRUB menu.
I have already experienced the use of BTRFS for about 5 years.

When i do a rollback, i do (from an live USB-Stick):

  • move /@ to /@broken (only for safety)
  • create a new rw snapshot of the snapshot i want to use in future to /@
  • make the new subvolume the default subvolume
    Then reboot

Later on don’t forget to delete subvolume /@broken