When Uninstalling App, Remove Widgets

When setting up the PinePhone with Manjaro-Plasma, I had added a widget from kweather to my home screen.

This led to some issues, which eventually got me to uninstall kweather. (When restarting the phone, it launched kweather immediately in full screen, hiding the navigation buttons and status bar for 2-3 minutes until they loaded/appeared.)

Just removing the widgets wasn’t enough. (Whenever I removed widgets, they’d just return after restarting the phone.)

I uninstalled kweather, which removed the widgets from the home screen as expected. This resolved the issues.

However, when I reinstalled kweather, it automatically put the widgets back on the home screen.

Maybe it’d be better if widgets were removed from the home screen when apps are uninstalled.
This way they aren’t added back to the home screen when the app that provided the widget is reinstalled?

This part has already been reported on Invent:

The feature request still stands, though.